Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (2023)

Topaz Labs has announced early access to its new offering called Topaz Photo AI. The software is currently in beta and can be downloaded by anyone with a current license for all three productspicture quality package. These products areTopaz Denoise AI,Topaz sharpen AIandTopaz-Gigapixel-KI.

Topaz Labs developers released a new and improved beta version weekly, so be sure to check back and download the latest version as bug fixes and features are added.

The final release is expected for September 2022, but I had a lot of fun test driving the new beta versions. I think it's going to be a big hit with the Topaz user community, so I thought it was worth checking out.

For those of you considering purchasing a Topaz Labs product,Please consider using the affiliate links provided in this post.I get a small commission to support my content creation efforts, and it existsno additional costs for you.

What is Topaz Labs Photo AI?

Topaz Labs Photo AI bringtTopaz Denoise AI,Topaz sharpen AIandTopaz-Gigapixel-KItogether under one roof. This gives users access to all three products in one user-friendly interface, along with the addition of automated one-button image processing.

Why the need for photo AI?

Here's what Eric Yang, CEO of Topaz Labs, had to say about why it was time for Topaz to bring Photo AI to market. Eric explained that getting a clean, sharp, and high-resolution photo is really important, but the current process of improving image quality is quite slow and error-prone.

You start with a wide range of tools - different noise reduction methods, different sharpening for different types of blur, different upscaling apps to increase resolution - and you need to know which tools to use where.

You end up spending a lot of time switching between software, tweaking sliders, and comparing results. Most of the time, after the whole process, you're still not sure if you're getting the best possible image quality.

To solve this, let's build Topaz Photo AI into oneImage quality autopilot. It detects the unique issues in your image and intelligently applies the right methods to maximize resolution, detail and clarity.

(Video) NEW Topaz App – PHOTO AI

Like true autopilot, you sometimes need to manually intervene on difficult images, but Topaz Photo AI aims to make this the exception rather than the rule. Our vision is that you can insert any image, good or bad, and get back the best possible version.

This way you'll spend more time on the creative side of post-processing instead of messing around with noise reduction controls, for example.

How can I get Topaz Photo AI for free?

Anyone who owns a current license of the Topaz Image Quality Bundle, or owns Topaz Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI separately, gets free access to the Topaz Photo AI pre-release.

If you don't already have all three products, you can purchase themTopaz Image Quality Packto get free access to Topaz Photo AI. If you already own one or two of the products, your purchase price for the Image Quality Bundle will be discounted accordingly. You can use promo code IQBUNDLE15 to save an additional 15% on your purchase.

To access your free license and try Topaz Photo AI, you need to log in to your account. Then click on the Account dropdown menu and select Bundle & Legacy Upgrades as shown in the screenshot below.

Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (1)

If you own Topaz Denoise AI, Topaz Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI, you will see the next free early access screen with a button to add it to your account as shown below.

Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (2)

Once you click Add to Account you will receive a confirmation with a download link as shown in the green screenshot below. As far as I know, once Topaz Photo AI officially launches in September 2022, free access will continue to be granted to all owners with a current license for all three products.


Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (3)

Why Topaz Photo AI?

If you already own Topaz Denoise AI, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI, you might be wondering why you need Topaz Photo AI. Topaz Photo AI has two basic premise in mind – SAVE TIME and CREATE A QUALITY IMAGE.

Because you have all three products under one roof, you no longer have to jump from one product to another while completing your editing process. This will save you a lot of time in your editing workflow.

Add the new Autopilot feature that fully automates the editing process through the magic of artificial intelligence and you can save hours in front of the computer.

At the touch of a button, Topaz Photo AI analyzes your image and applies just the right amount of sharpening and denoising to achieve what it believes is the best possible rendering for your image.

We no longer have to move sliders and guess if we did it right.

As shown below, when I turned on the Topaz Photo AI autopilot feature, I immediately realized that this image of a coastal brown bear was out of focus.

Noise levels weren't an issue, which I agree by the way, so no noise reduction was applied. Autopilot detected that the image had lens blur and applied this filter along with the appropriate level of sharpening to correct the image as indicated in the screenshot below.

Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (4)


How does Topaz Photo AI Autopilot work?

Topaz Photo AI Autopilot reinforces the time-saving aspect of Photo AI. You'll notice in the screenshot that Topaz Photo AI analyzed the image and determined what level of noise reduction and sharpening was needed to render the best possible version of that image.

For the image of the woodpecker shown in the next section, Photo AI's autopilot correctly determined that the image was sharp but had a lot of noise.

Based on a bunch of sample images I tested, the autopilot does an excellent job 9/10 times with no manual intervention required.

Manual override

While the autopilot works very well on most images, there were times when I wanted to turn the autopilot off and make the necessary adjustments manually. This is done by simply toggling the autopilot switch to the off position.

You can now manually adjust all available options to tweak your image to your liking. Below is a 12800 ISO image of a woodpecker taken with my Nikon Z9.

Topaz Photo AI Beta version 0.5.0 detected the strong noise, but the autopilot recommended settings were not strong enough to render a clean image.

Problem easily solved, I just turned off autopilot, turned on the noise removal toggle, changed the setting from normal to strong, and moved the slider to the right to remove more noise.

Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (5)

face restoration

As a wildlife photographer, I don't see where face restoration will be of much use. You'll notice in the image of the brown bear on the shore that the autopilot didn't detect a face, so face detection is clearly reserved for human faces only, which makes sense.

(Video) Topaz Denoise AI Tutorial & Review | Is It Worth Getting?

For studio and wedding photographers, I see where this will be another huge time-saver in their workflow. I assume that once the AI ​​algorithm recognizes a face, it applies the necessary filters to present human faces in their best possible light.

Is Photo AI better than DXO Pure RAW2?

Topaz Labs Photo AI 2022 | Free license offer (6)

DXO Pure Raw2offers a fully automated photo editing solution, similar to what Topaz Photo AI aspires to. I've been using DXO's Pure RAW version 1&2 for over a year and it does an excellent job of demosaicing, denoising and applying lens corrections to most images.

I used it as step 1 in my RAW image workflow before taking the image to Photoshop for editing.

The downside of DXO Pure RAW2 is that there is no manual override, so you have to be content with how the software renders the image. You then need to make additional edits in other software. When this is required, it usually means I reach for either Topaz Denoise AI or Sharpen AI for final fixes, and it lengthens my workflow.

It's still too early in the Topaz Photo AI beta release cycle to make a direct comparison, but I'm confident that Topaz DXO Pure RAW2 will be equal or better. Once Topaz releases a final version in September, I'll come back to do a comparison between the two and share my thoughts with you.


I believe the Topaz user community will welcome the release of Topaz Photo AI with open arms. From my first use of Photo AI it will definitely save me a ton of time in my workflow if it works as expected.

For most images, the autopilot will determine the necessary settings, taking the guesswork out of sharpening and noise. Just put on autopilot, have the image analyzed, and when you're happy with the final image, click save.

In addition to the noise reduction and sharpening processes, Topaz has also provided image magnification within Photo AI, so you don't have to go to Gigapixel AI separately.


Topaz Photo AI will be particularly welcomed by those who want a fully automated, one-click solution and save so they can retreat to the field where the action is taking place.


Is Topaz Labs a one time purchase? ›

Buy once, own forever

You own the version you bought forever. You also get 1 year of unlimited upgrades with your purchase.

Can you get Topaz Labs for free? ›

Topaz offers free trials that allow you to see how the software works on your computer and make an informed decision. All Topaz Labs products are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, have a perpetual license, and can be bought separately or in bundles.

Is Topaz photo AI free? ›

Any user who currently owns the Photo Upgrade Plan and all three image quality applications (DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI) can claim a license to Topaz Photo AI for free.

How much does Topaz sharpen AI cost? ›

Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI are available from Topaz for $79.99 each, Gigapixel AI and JPEG to Raw AI for $99.99 each, and the bundle of four is $249.99. A 30-day trial version of each program is available.

Is Topaz photo AI worth it? ›

The denoise feature of Topaz Photo AI was phenomenal and may alone be worth it for photographers who don't often print their photos. The other enhancement features, such as Enhanced Resolution and Sharpen, probably won't be worth it for most photographers who only display their work digitally.

Can I use Topaz on two computers? ›

Your Topaz Labs programs can be installed on as many computers as you like. You'll just want to make sure that each computer meets our minimum requirements for photo apps and/or minimum requirements for Video Enhance AI.

How long is Topaz Labs free trial? ›

The first time you open Topaz DeNoise AI, you will be asked to log in with your Topaz Labs account or to try the Denoise AI 30-day free trial.

Is DeNoise AI worth it? ›

Topaz DeNoise is far more effective at removing noise artifacts than Lightroom, Photoshop, and other general photo-editing software, which require you to fiddle with sliders and don't produce as good results on high-ISO digital photos.

How much does topaz Studio cost? ›

How Much Does Topaz Studio Cost? You can buy a license directly from Topaz Labs' website for $99.99. There's no subscription requirement or option, as was the case for the app's predecessor. You can get a free copy if you've already purchased Topaz effects worth $99 or more.

Is Topaz better than Photoshop? ›

One advantage of Topaz is that it is much more affordable than Photoshop. Additionally, Topaz has a wider range of features than Photoshop, making it a better choice for users who need basic photo editing capabilities. Finally, Topaz is more user-friendly and easier to learn than Photoshop.

Is Topaz Studio still free? ›

The earlier version of the software was free, but you needed to pay for each of the premium presets. With Topaz Studio 2, you pay for the software once upfront, and you'll get the filters and looks bundled with it.

What is the best free AI photo enhancer? ›

Download YouCam Perfect: the Best Free AI Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect has all the AI tools you need to create the most stunning photos. The app lets you make any changes you want with no professional skills. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to see how it can improve the look of any photo!

Is Topaz sharpen AI better than Photoshop? ›

The first thing immediately noticeable is that Gigapixel AI tends to sharpen the final image more than Photoshop does. You'll see several examples of the two here, and it feels “over sharpened” in my opinion, but that is largely subjective.

Is Topaz worth a lot? ›

Colorless topaz, from which blue topaz is produced (via irradiation and heat), is available in sizes up to 100 cts. and greater, and sells for less than $8/ct. Brown topaz fetches similar prices. In contrast, precious topaz (a.k.a. 'imperial' topaz) in rich orange colors fetches prices in excess of $1000/ct.

Is Topaz sharpen AI better than Lightroom? ›

The artifical intelligence built into the Topaz products is just superior to the conventional pixel-based image processing logic that is used by Lightroom.

Does Topaz use CPU or GPU? ›

A DirectX12 compatible GPU (NVidia or AMD). An Intel CPU from 2015 onwards or an AMD CPU from 2016 onwards are our minimum requirements for the CPU. Mac minimum requirements: 8GB or more RAM, 2GB of VRAM. MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) to run on CPU only.

Does Topaz work with RAW files? ›

Topaz Labs currently uses open source software from to handle raw files within our apps. These applications are no longer updated.

Is gigapixel AI better than Photoshop? ›

Note that Gigapixel AI automatically sharpens the image, whereas Photoshop doesn't. So, if you want a like-for-like comparison, you have to use a basic sharpening filter in Photoshop. Photoshop performs similarly to Gigapixel AI. But it tends to over-sharpen less.

How do I transfer Topaz to a new computer? ›

No need to notify, just make sure they are removed off the old computer and then download and install onto the new computer from the Topaz Labs website.

Does Topaz Labs require Internet connection? ›

Operating System Requirements for Topaz Video AI

All current Topaz Labs apps require an internet connection for user authentication and/or AI model downloading & updates. The system requirements for Topaz Video AI are slightly different than the system requirements for our photography applications.

Do you need Photoshop for Topaz? ›

You can use Topaz Studio as a stand-alone editor. This means that you don't need another photo editor to use the software. But if you want to use it with another editing package like Lightroom or Photoshop, you can launch Topaz Studio 2 as a Plug-in.

Is Topaz AI best? ›

Topaz Sharpen AI is the best sharpening program on the market in terms of performance. But one of its other strengths is the user-friendly interface.

Can you use Topaz Labs in Lightroom? ›

Your Topaz Labs programs should install to Lightroom automatically during the installation of the program. If they do not, you can easily install them manually using the steps in this article.

Can you use Topaz Labs in Photoshop? ›

Multiple Topaz Labs programs can be used as plugins in Adobe Photoshop Elements. These include DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, Adjust AI, and Studio 2. Other programs, such as Gigapixel AI and Jpeg to Raw, do not function as plugins in Photoshop Elements.

Should I sharpen or DeNoise first? ›

Traditionally, you would do most of your sharpening toward the end of an edit, but if you're correcting missed focus or motion blur, you'll probably want to use Sharpen AI earlier in your editing process so that your subsequent edits don't interfere with the process.

Which is better Topaz sharpen or DeNoise? ›

Compared to Denoise AI, Sharpen AI is more useful, more often, to more people. After all, in many cases, photo noise can be avoided altogether. On the other hand, pro-grade sharpening will likely improve any photo you've ever taken.

How much does Topaz Studio 2 cost? ›

The price of Topaz Studio 2 is $99.99 for a lifetime license. It's an affordable option compared to other popular photo editing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom and considering the AI-Powered Tools and solid updates provided by Topaz Labs.

Is Topaz Studio 2 worth it? ›

For the most part, Topaz Studio is extremely easy to use. There's a helpful on-screen guide displayed at startup for new users, and the interface is well laid out and straightforward. Basic edits are simple enough, but the masking tools can be frustrating to use.

Is Topaz DeNoise free? ›

Topaz DeNoise AI has a 30-day free trial. It means you can “try before you buy.” And you can even save 15% if you use the EXPHOTO15 ExpertPhotography discount code on the Topaz Labs website. Both DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI offer noise reduction and sharpening.

Does Topaz chip easily? ›

Though hard, Topaz varieties feature perfect cleavage, which means they are easy to crack and chip on impact.

Does Topaz sharpen AI work on JPEG? ›

If you are a Photoshop [2] and Lightroom [3] user like me, you can seamlessly open up your images in Sharpen AI from there. If you've ever taken a JPEG by mistake and wanted to convert it to a RAW then Topaz have a great piece of software where you can edit JPEGS as if they are raw images.

Which is better topaz or sapphire? ›


Blue sapphire has a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which makes it one of the hardest gemstones available today. Blue topaz, on the other hand, has a rating of 8, which means it is also a durable gem and is suitable for everyday wear.

How much does FL Studio cost a year? ›

FL Studio Pricing
Full song creation & mic recording$199
Full song creation & extra plugins$299
Basic melody & loops creation$99
Complete access all unlocked$737

How long is the gigapixel AI free trial? ›

Gigapixel AI for upscaling images is night and day, particularly after the new added Face Recovery tool. I hope you find this Gigapixel AI review helpful and don't forget that you can try Gigapixel AI for free with the 30-day free trial.

What is the most powerful free online image editor? ›

  • Canva. Best free online photo editor for collaborating with teams. ...
  • Adobe Photoshop Express. Best free online photo and image editor for mobile. ...
  • Instasize. One of the best free online image editors for influencers. ...
  • Pixlr. Best browser-based free image editor for a quick touch-up. ...
  • BeFunky. ...
  • piZap. ...
  • Photopea. ...
  • Fotor.
2 Jan 2021

Does Apple use AI for photos? ›

Photo Apps

Apple's Photos and Google Photos use artificial intelligence in several ways, including facial recognition, scene detection and image analysis to automatically sort pictures of people, places and things into albums.

Is Labs card one time use? ›

Single-use only. It will be consumed upon entering The Lab. It will not be consumed when entering The Lab in offline-mode.

How much does Topaz Studio cost? ›

How Much Does Topaz Studio Cost? You can buy a license directly from Topaz Labs' website for $99.99. There's no subscription requirement or option, as was the case for the app's predecessor. You can get a free copy if you've already purchased Topaz effects worth $99 or more.

Are Topaz updates free? ›

By default, your programs come with 1 year of free upgrades from the date of purchase.

How do I get a lab card? ›

Ask them to call Lab Card at 1-800-646-7788 to speak with a client service representative who will explain the Lab Card Program and fax a packet of information for their immediate use. You can also call Lab Card or visit LabCard. com, to ask that they contact your physician in advance of your next visit.

Does everyone need a Labs card? ›

Just one person in the group needs the keycard, then all get access to Labs.

Is Topaz Labs better than Lightroom? ›

Topaz DeNoise is far more effective at removing noise artifacts than Lightroom, Photoshop, and other general photo-editing software, which require you to fiddle with sliders and don't produce as good results on high-ISO digital photos.

How do I get the best Topaz sharpen AI results? ›

My recommendation to get the best results with Topaz Sharpen AI is to use the new comparison view, to check and compare different Sharpen AI models or even the same Sharpen model with different adjustments.
The Ultimate AI Model, Sharpen Standard AI
  1. Remove Blur.
  2. Suppress Noise.
  3. Remove Artifacts.
11 Mar 2022


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