Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (2023)

From its humble beginnings in Singapore in 1981, Creative has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the tech world today. In the incredibly wide range of digital products they offer, they have recently gained some notoriety for their DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) as well as their sound cards.

To give you a better insight into which Creative product gives you the best bang for your buck, we take a comprehensive look at each product, judging them on design, features, pricing and overall sound quality improvements. It's worth pointing out that a DAC isn't going to turn a $5 pair of headphones into a $500 Sennheiser, so make sure the accompanying gear is reasonably good too. Throwing a DAC at shoddy tech is a bit like throwing fresh paint on a recently demolished building.

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Quick comparison

Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (1)Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (2)

ThatGC7is the only product of the three that offers universal compatibility with all of its features. Because of this, I would recommend this product to those who only play on consoles or who want more customization with their sound, as this device offers a lot. Note, however, that this is the largest product on the list and takes up a bit more space than the others. Plus, it will cost you ~$20 more than the other options if you buy at MSRP.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (3)Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (4)

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ThatG6has the best audio of the three and is much smaller than both products, making it an ideal choice for minimalists. My biggest gripe with this sub-$150 product is that it doesn't offer all of its features on any platform, and that feels very much like a design oversight. For those who simply want a product to boost their audio quality and don't mind the simpler design, this is a solid product.

Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (5)Creative Sound Blaster GC7 vs G6 vs X4 – Fast movements (6)

ThatX4has a good, smart design offered at the cheapest purchase price, ~$20 less than the GC7. I would recommend this product to Windows users and occasional Mac users who are okay with losing two key features. For those who find the GC7's user interface overbearing, I'd urge them towards this product, which overall feels like a much tamer creation.

sound quality

It's no secret that these products are aimed at hardcore gaming enthusiasts, although in theory an audiophile could get a good amount of gaming out of them. Depending on which console or operating system you use with these products, your list of features will vary greatly.

All specifications listed were taken directly from Creative.

Thatgc7,Unlike the other options, it boasts that all the features it includes can be used on all platforms. This means that whether you're on a multi-screen computer or a Nintendo Switch, you can take advantage of Virtual 7.1, Dolby Digital, Voice Changers, Game-to-Voice volume adjustment, different audio modes, and more. That's nice considering several Creative DACs have received complaints that they're not as compatible with certain systems as consumers would have liked.

This product can output 120dB dynamic range and 24bit/192kHz high-end audio. In addition, it can be used with headphones that reach up to 300 ohms. While it doesn't offer as much as the G6, the universal audio capabilities it can only boast about are worth considering before you immediately ignore the GC7.

ThatG6will give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to pure audio quality. It has 130 decibels of dynamic range and can output 32-bit/384kHz audio, which is a notable improvement over the GC7, especially considering it can work with headphones up to 600 ohms (if those specs are to be believed). may). , some critics have expressed doubts about this).

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ThatX4lags behind the competition just by looking at the technical specifications of its sound quality. Speaking of audio quality, this unit boasts up to 114 decibels of dynamic range and is capable of outputting 24-bit/192kHz audio playback. It can work with headphones with an impedance of 32 to 600 ohms.

Verdict - For pure audio quality, the G6 beats the competition, although all three products are very close in this category.

Design & Durability

Typically placed somewhere on a desk or entertainment shack, a DAC is most efficient when not further cluttering a surface that tends to have a few items on it unaltered. The overall design is tweaked to make adjusting the volume settings (along with several other options) relatively painless, especially as these products are designed for competitive gaming. None of these products are water resistant and should be kept away from nearby liquids.

All three products are incredibly lightweight and although they all consist of a plastic body, a drop or two should do little to no harm thanks to their featherweight mass.

ThatGC7looks more like a turntable for a house cat than any traditional looking DAC, although its design is still excellent in my humble opinion. The low-light illumination of this product is not only attractive to the eye but also practical. The illuminated dial on the volume and game/voice mixer allows you to see exactly where you've placed it, with each programmable button also illuminated. When an effect is turned on from the control panel, the text on the button will light up, helping those who turn off the lights at night.

My biggest criticism of the GC7's design is the plastic body, which somehow makes a $150+ product seem a lot cheaper than it is. I would also have preferred something heavier in my hand, like the X4, although admittedly that's a very minor gripe. The GC7 weighs 9.9 ounces and measures 6.81 x 4.49 x 1.85 inches.

ThatG6is a far less complicated interface that offers an adjustable game/voice button and little else. This isn't as bad as it sounds, as much as some enjoy micromanaging their sound every few minutes, others might want to put it on a preset and forget about it. For those who enjoy a less complicated experience, the G6 is an excellent alternative that weighs less and takes up less space than its competitors.

The G6 also has its own little LED lighting in the X (you can customize the color via the app) on top of the device, as well as an illuminated volume wheel so you can adjust it regardless of how well-lit your surroundings are. The G6 is by far the smallest product, weighing just a hair over 5 ounces and taking up 4.37 x 0.94 x 2.76 inches of space.

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Last theX4feels like the healthy middle ground between the two products. It offers some customization through its top controls, including a volume slider, mic mute, adjustable equalizer modes, and a Super X-FI "Battle" mode button. While slightly shorter than the GC7, it feels heavier, which I personally really enjoy. The volume control has a blue, green, and orange LED that pulses when the sound is muted, and each button also has an LED perimeter.

Unfortunately, this product, like all products, comes with the same cheap looking plastic encapsulation which detracts from the overall quality of an otherwise well made item. It weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 5.14 x 5.14 x 1.6 inches.

Verdict – The X4 feels the best and is very straightforward while still being aesthetically clean. I could see people really enjoying the GC7's litany of buttons and knobs, too, if they like more customization options at the touch of a button.

functions and software

All three of these products are packed to the brim with a variety of features, although unfortunately for some items they don't offer universal cross-platform support for all features. To save our comrades still fighting in the pointless and bloody console wars, I'll specify which features are common to all consoles and operating systems, and which are (mainly) Windows exclusive, so bear with me here.

ThatGC7starts this category with an inherent advantage as its features are universal from all accounts on all compatible platforms. I'm not exactly sure how they managed to do that for the GC7 and not their other products, but it certainly helps the GC7 stand out from its competitors. It also features optical in/out, headphone amplification, line in/out, platform switch, 3.5mm connectors and an LED indicator of which platform is in use.

Moving to theG6We need to look at a few features that aren't universal across platforms. To theSwitchUsers cannot use Virtual 7.1, Dolby Digital, Game/Voice Customization, "Direct" mode, and Sound Blaster command software.

PlaystationUsers (both four and five) cannot use Direct Mode or the Sound Blaster command software.Xboxunable to use game/voice customization, sidetone (allows you to hear yourself through your microphone), direct mode, and Sound Blaster command software.

Finally,windowUsers cannot use game/language customization withMacUsers who also cannot access the Sound Blaster command software. Now that I've given everyone a collective headache, let's move on to the universal properties of this product. The G6 offers discrete Xamp headphone bi-amping (capable of supporting very low impedance headphones and amplifying each individual headphone) and 3.5mm jacks for headphones and microphones

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Last theX4also has some incompatibilities between platforms that are worth considering.SwitchUsers are missing 7.1 virtual surround sound, Dolby Digital, audio balance, intelligent communication kit, crystal voice, scout mode and the acoustic engine.PlaystationUsers will miss Virtual 7.1, Dolby Digital, Smart Comms Kit, Crystal Voice, Scout Mode and Acoustic Engine. Unfortunately,Xboxseems incompatible with this DAC.MacConsumers will be missing a smart comms kit and Dolby Digitalwindowgets all features of the product (if you use Windows 10 or higher)

The X4 has two 3.5mm inputs for microphone and headset, optical in/out, line in/out and an interesting volume control LED function. Simply put, the light in the center alternates from green, blue and orange depending on which source has the highest emphasis, which is very unique and thoughtfully designed.

The companion app that comes with these products is sufficient for their purposes and offers adjustable equalizer options, further customization as well as software updates. You can get the app for both your PC and mobile device, although it's roughly the same product with a slight change in interface.

Conclusion - GC7 convinces with its universal functions, which extend across the width of all platforms.


These products are all adequate for what they should do, but if you're a consumer looking for a product that can be used with a console or Mac platform, you're unfortunately limited in your options. Because of this, for non-Windows users, you should definitely go with theGC7. Other than that, it comes down to personal taste, although that should be saidG6offers the best sound among the three products. ThatX4is ideal forPC-Gamerlooking for a small, harmless piece of technology that gets results.

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What is Sound Blaster X4? ›

The Sound Blaster X4 supports up to 7.1 discrete and virtual audio channels, so you won't have to compromise on the way you enjoy your audio. It is also capable of incredible sound performance—acoustics depth and detail—giving a new lease of life to your headphones and speakers.

Does Sound Blaster X4 have Bluetooth? ›

The Bluetooth connection is reserved for device control and Super X-Fi profile upload only. Audio streaming is not available. The Audio Balance feature is available on PC, Mac, PS5, and PS4 only.

What is Sound Blaster direct mode? ›

In the G6, Direct Mode turns off all DSP (Digital Signal Processing). The purpose of this is to have an unchanged signal on both the input and output of the G6. DSP alters the output signal. Audiophiles like to call this "Bit Perfect" when both the input and output are unaltered.

Does the he X4 need an amp? ›

No you do not need an amp (as mentioned by others).

Is Sound Blaster a DAC? ›

Sound Blaster X4 is a USB powered DAC/Amp with Super X-Fi and other audio features to improve your audio experience for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, streaming, or even for work.

Is the Sound Blaster Z an amp? ›

Our Sound Blaster Z SE comes featured with a headphone amplifier that easily drives studio-grade headphones of up to 600Ω. For the end users, this means that you can bring out the best in your gaming headset, for the ultimate headphones experience.

What does the sound blaster x3 do? ›

The Sound Blaster X3 features a 600Ω headphone amplifier that's capable of driving studio-grade headphones with ease. Coupled with 32-bit / 192 kHz playback, enjoy detailed audio with clarity and accuracy. Thanks to the extra power from the amp, you'll get a load more volume!

Is Sound BlasterX G6 good? ›

The Sound BlasterX G6 DAC & AMP is fantastic for gaming as it has been designed from the ground up, focusing on high-quality sound output. In addition, by using new circuitry and high-quality components, engineers have achieved an impressive 0.0002% reduction in distortion in the DAC and 0.0006% in the ADC.

What is SBX mode on the G6? ›

The right-side houses two buttons and a low/high gain switch for some hard to drive headphones. The SBX button will activate the sound processing DSP and the crosshair button will increase the midrange and treble so you can hear those footsteps and spot the position of your enemies easier.

What is Sound Blaster scout mode? ›

Scout Mode technology is designed to improve your response to audio events during gameplay with enhanced audio cues and expertly-tuned equalizer settings for footsteps, weapon switching sounds, and more.

How do I set up sound blaster GC7? ›

On the SXFI App, go to 'Wireless Setup' and select Sound Blaster GC7 under 'Available Devices'. Press the button on Sound Blaster GC7 as prompted to pair the device with the application. Once it's done, your Super X-Fi profile will be transferred to your device. And you're done!

How do you mute a BlasterX G6? ›

Press and hold volume knob for 2 sec to switch between playback volume and Sidetone (Mic) volume control. Mute/unmute sidetone (Mic) volume Press to unmute. Press again to mute (default).

What is Sound Blaster command add on? ›

Available for Windows®, the comprehensive and easy-to-use Sound Blaster Command software offers users a complete control over their listening experience from audio realism to immersive audio effects, all which will intelligently embellish how users perceive sounds.

Do I need to bypass factory amp? ›

By bypassing the factory amplifier, the music sounds more detailed and clear than it did when he used the amplifier integration harness. Whenever there's one available, we recommend bypassing the factory amp to get better sound. If you're considering a new stereo for your vehicle, keep this option in mind.

What channel amp do I need to run 4 speakers? ›

4 Channels

A four-channel amp works to power: Four speakers; Two speakers and a subwoofer—you can use a four-channel amp to power a subwoofer and two rear full-range speakers by bridging two of the channels to power the sub.

Does it matter what amp you use? ›

The Different Types of Guitar Amps. Size, wattage, and built-in effects are all critical components when choosing an amp. However, knowing the different types of amps available can help you make the best choice to achieve the sound you want.

What is the most powerful sound card? ›

Creative Sound Blaster AE-7

Hands down one of the most powerful PC sound cards available out there, Creative's Sound Blaster AE-7 boasts a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 127dB and supports 32-bit/384kHz audio playback.

Will a sound card improve game performance? ›

Sound cards, when installed separately, can provide total 3D sound satisfaction especially in high-end games that would require a dedicated sound processor or solution. Aside from that, you can also enjoy faster PC performance by just installing a dedicated sound card.

What is Dynamic Boost sound? ›

FxSound's Dynamic Boost control increases your volume above your PC's natural limit, utilizes compression to reduce peaking, and dynamically modulates your frequency response to give you louder, clearer, richer playback.

Does DAC support Dolby Atmos? ›

A DAC3202 converts the digital audio stream to analog audio (up to 32 outputs) for connection to amplifiers. A Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850 together with a single DAC3202 can support up to 48 speaker feeds (using the 16 analog outputs on the CP850).

Which Dr Z amp does brad paisley use? ›

Z DB4 38 or 18 Watt 2×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp – Brad Paisley, Celestion Blue w/ Road Case.

Are D Sonic amps good? ›

The M3a-600M amplifiers deliver incredible sound quality and reliability for the price. They are built to last and Dennis Deacon provides excellent support. And if you have big, power-hungry speakers or subwoofers, the D-Sonic amps are sure to surprise you. Highly recommended.”

Is Sound Blaster G3 good for music? ›

High-Quality Audio

It can drive studio-grade 300-ohm headphones. Additionally, the Sound Blaster G3 has a highly compact and lightweight form factor. With all of these features, this USB DAC amp becomes the audio upgrade that every gamer's console setup needs.

Is Soundblaster X3 worth it? ›

TechRadar Verdict. Creative delivers a bevy of different sound options worth listening to with its latest external sound card that's worth it if you're tired of bad-sounding computer speakers.

What does Sound Blaster transform into? ›

Soundblaster transforms from a heavily G1-inspired robot to an unfocused "Patrol Hovercraft" in 25 steps. Though undocumented, he can assume the additional modes from Soundwave, a “Cybertronian Sensor Lamp” or boombox mode.

Is creative sound BlasterX AE 5 plus worth it? ›

All things considered, if you are wanting to step up your audio game, take advantage of higher end audio gear and enjoy better clarity of sound in game or when blasting your favorite music then we would recommend the Sound Blaster X AE-5 Plus. Advanced DAC for 122DB & 32Bit / 384 kHz Lossless playback.

How to setup sound BlasterX G6? ›

Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices. Select USB Headset(Sound BlasterX G6) as the Input and Output Device and adjust its volume settings as needed. Select Chat Audio for Output to Headphones.

Is the Sound Blaster AE 9 worth it? ›

There is no doubt that the Creative Sound Blaster AE-9 is an excellent audio kit. With the ESS Sabre 9038 DAC, powerful amps, support for Dolby and DTS surround sound and a phantom powered XLR mic input, the AE-9 is exhaustively feature-packed. However, at $350 it is expensive and may not be for everyone.

How long does G6 receiver last? ›

The transmitter battery is good for 3 months. We recommend that you have your next transmitter in hand within 3 months of starting your previous transmitter. If you haven't received your final 10-day transmitter battery life warning, you can reuse the transmitter for your next session.

Can I swim with my G6? ›

Once snapped into place, the Dexcom G6 transmitter and sensor are water-resistant, but the receiver is not. You can swim, shower, and take a bath– just leave your Dexcom receiver in a dry area. Find more information in the Using Your G6 Guide.

What is G6 sensor? ›

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (Dexcom G6 System) is a real-time, continuous glucose monitoring device indicated for the management of diabetes in persons age 2 years and older. The Dexcom G6 System is intended to replace fingerstick blood glucose testing for diabetes treatment decisions.

What is night mode boom 3d? ›

Audio Effects

Fidelity - Can increase detail, crispness, and clarity of audio output. Night Mode - Normalize audio to keep sounds from being too faint or too loud. Spatial - Effect of audio sounding like it comes from everywhere around you.

What is Sound Blaster control panel? ›

The Sound Blaster Control Panel is a must-have software application for you to calibrate and customize every aspect of the Sound Blaster Roar's audio settings when it is connected to your PC or Mac via USB, letting you get the most out of your speaker's audio.

How do I mute myself on VR? ›

Press the Oculus button on the right controller to open the universal menu, then select Settings (gear icon). Select Device from the left panel. Use your right thumbstick to scroll the right panel until you reach the Mute Microphone setting. Select Mute Microphone to switch the toggle.

How do I mute Unreal engine? ›

If you would like your game to have no sound at all, set the Master SoundClass volume multiplier to zero. Your game will now make no sound.

What is crystallizer Sound Blaster? ›

Crystalizer – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

SB Crystalizer enhances the dynamic range of compressed audio, effectively restoring those lost details to deliver the realistic and impactful audio experience the content creators intended.

What does a Sound Blaster card do? ›

The sound card's four main functions are: as a synthesizer (generating sounds), as a MIDI interface, analog-to-digital conversion (used, for example, in recording sound from a microphone), and digital-to-analog conversion (used, for example, to reproduce sound for a speaker).

What is Sound Blaster software? ›

The Sound Blaster Control Panel is a must-have software application for you to calibrate and customize every aspect of the Sound Blaster Roar's audio settings when it is connected to your PC or Mac via USB, letting you get the most out of your speaker's audio.

What does the Sound Blaster x3 do? ›

The Sound Blaster X3 features a 600Ω headphone amplifier that's capable of driving studio-grade headphones with ease. Coupled with 32-bit / 192 kHz playback, enjoy detailed audio with clarity and accuracy. Thanks to the extra power from the amp, you'll get a load more volume!

Does sound card affect performance? ›

Sound cards are internally installed to the computer's motherboard, and therefore don't impact the performance of hard drives.

Do sound cards fail? ›

As with any other piece of software, sound card drivers are not 'infallible'. From time to time there can be problems with the coding that was unanticipated by the hardware developer. This can end up causing all sorts of problems on your computer.

Will a sound card improve audio? ›

Yes, it will improve the audio performance of your computer which is a good thing. But a sound card is also the key to using your computer for mixing or capturing a performance. A sound card will have audio inputs (RCA, 3.5mm and optical are common options), as well as outputs—and some include a MIDI port as well.

Does Sound Blaster still exist? ›

Creative Labs (United States) | Sound Blaster Sound Cards, Super X-Fi, Speakers and Soundbars, Webcams, Headphones and Gaming Headsets. Explore our range of quality audio products designed for your everyday audio needs.

Who killed Soundwave? ›

In a future timeline that branches off from this one, Soundwave ultimately met his end at the hands of Blaster, but even death could not stymie his loyalty to the Decepticon cause, as he was reborn as Soundblaster through the super-science of the planet Master.

Who is stronger Blaster vs Soundwave? ›

The times the two have fought most often the fight has ended in a close 'draw'. In the 1984–87 G1 Cartoon series episode 'Auto-Bop' the two fight toa rough stalemate - Soundwave has more powerful sonic weapons, Blaster can only beat him by boosting his powers with nearby audio equipment.

Is Sound Blaster a Soundwave brother? ›

Soundblaster is brother of Soundwave (BW). It is unrelated to his G1 character. His beast mode is a Black Panther.

What is Dynamic Boost FxSound? ›

Dynamic Boost can be used to smooth out, boost volume, and add power to your audio's levels. A little tip... if you feel like your sound levels go up and down when using FxSound, turn your source's level (main Windows volume) down to about 70-80% and make that volume up by using the Dynamic Boost effect.


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